The Freemasons have established an investment scheme, entering into an arrangement with ANZ Bank to enable Freemasons, their family members and Lodges to establish special at call Cash Management Accounts. The scheme is intended to be of benefit to Freemasons, their families and their lodges, and to Freemasonry. Important distinction - ANZ V2 PLUS is an at call Cash Management Account - not a fixed term deposit.


About the ANZ V2 Plus:


  • Over $10 billion in funds under management
  • Over 200,000 investors
  • A single competitive rate of interest for amounts above $5,000
  • Has been more than 20 years in the market place
  • Supported by ANZ Bank's extensive branch network
  • The new Government Deposit Guarantee Scheme covers deposits up to $1m - ANZ V2 Plus qualifies for this Deposit Guarentee Scheme
  • Accounts can be opened for individuals, joint, partnership, Lodge, Trustee, Superannuation, Company etc.

Benefits to Freemasons and families:

  • Interest accrues daily on balances over $5,000

  • Interest is paid quarterly

  • At call funds access via ANZ Internet Banking, ANZ Branch, EFTPOS, internet banking and ATM

  • Direct crediting and debiting (for example receive dividends, superannuation etc and make standard payments)

  • All account opening and transactions are directly under the control of the customer

  • Monthly reporting if transactions have occurred during the calendar month

  • No entry, exit or account keeping fees


Advantages to Freemasonry:


Commission of 0.50% p.a. paid to Freemasons Foundation at no cost to Account holder on all ANZ V2 PLUS accounts (irrespective of account balance) which are linked to Freemasons Foundation ANZ V2 PLUS Intermediary Code FRE1809.


Commission derived from the Freemasons Investment Scheme will benefit Freemasonry nationally through the Freemasons Foundation.

  • Supporting community charitable activities

  • Supporting a National Project for Freemasonry

  • Supporting the Freemasons Foundation Centre for Mens Health

Application forms for the Freemasons ANZ V2 Plus are available at the Grand Lodge office and the Freemasons Foundation or download one below.