On the 19th November 2018 the Annual Combined Meeting for the Lodge of Fraternity No. 214, Salisbury Lodge No. 126 and Elizabeth Lodge

No. 200 was held at the Para Districts Masonic Centre. 


It was the turn of Lodge of Fraternity No. 214 to “host” the Meeting and a Candidate was provided for a Ceremony of Raising.


The Worshipful Masters of each Lodge presided over different stages of the Ceremony with members of each of the three Lodges supplying Officers and Ritualists for the evening.


Almost Fifty members and visitors witnessed Bro. Kyle Hancock being raised to his Third degree.


The Combined Meeting is always very well received and shows what can be achieved when Lodges work together for the betterment of the Craft.




( L to R -  Bro. Kyle Hancock, WBro. D. Taft (Elizabeth Lodge No. 200),

WBro. D. Von Allworden (Lodge of Fraternity No. 214 and  WBro. T. Spartalis (Salisbury Lodge No. 126)