On Wednesday 6/3/13, The Victoria lodge conducted a combined meeting with Port Pirie United and Quorn Lodges at Jamestown.


 Attending the occasion were 40 Brethren, members of the 3 combined Lodges and their visitors.The working was an Exemplification of the 2nd. degree. The Most Worshipful Grand Master, MWBro. Robert Parsons was in attendance with a Grand Lodge Team, all of whom were Past Grand Lodge Officers from the Yorke Northern District.


The Worshipful Master of The Victoria Lodge, WBro. Ken Porter,  in his welcome pointed out that this was indeed an historic occasion as it was the first time a Grand Master had been in attendance at the Victoria Lodge to witness a Lodge working. The Grand Master responded to the welcome and emphasized the Grand Lodge plan that O/Vs were now an integral part of Grand Lodge being active throughout this Jurisdiction.


The Exemplification was conducted by selected members from all 3 Lodges. The Grand Master conferred the rank of Past District Grand Superintendent on VWBro. Kevin Paynter a Past Master of Quorn Lodge.


The Grand Master went on to again congratulate the Brethren of the combined Lodges for their efforts and was pleased to see Lodges working together to help make Freemasonry a pleasurable and enjoyable experience.


The ladies of Victoria Lodge once again provided a scrumptious festive board which was enjoyed by all.