Every year for the past few years the Lodges in the Territory have met somewhere

between the north and the south, usually in Tennant Creek or somewhere nearby.  Last year Katherine Lodge of Fidelity from Katherine hosted the meeting with some 31 Freemasons in attendance to initiate Bro Mark Wood now a Master Mason.


 Last year’s ceremony was held in a small room at the Blue Stone Motel which with 31 attending in there, was stifling to say the least as the air-conditioning went on the blink.  In fact, it was so hot that on the drive back  to Katherine, Mark commented that for a while he thought he had been enrolled in some form of extreme weight loss program.


Given that over the past years the numbers attending have been growing, McDouall Stuart Lodge No 219, who this year organised and hosted this joint meeting between the north and south, arranged to hold the meeting at the Country Women’s Association (CWA) Building.


Pic left to right MW GM, EA Bro. Spencer Badger and W.M Bro Eric Neil WM of McDouall Stuart Lodge 219 Ce.


With this being McDouall Stuart Lodge Regular meeting, with all of it’s officers in attendance, the meeting conducted a First Degree working for Mr Spencer Badger of Alice Springs.  It should be noted that now Bro Spencer immediately after the meeting actually then drove straight back to Alice Springs as he had a family commitment i.e. a wife in the late stages of pregnancy - so more than an ample reason to miss the Festive Board, 1000k’s for 3 hours in Tenant Creek.


The meeting was conducted in comfortable surroundings, air-conditioning working, lodge room set up with the lodge furniture from Katherine.  Of particular note was the work was of the highest order and of such a standard that many lodges would be envious of the younger officers they have coming up through the chairs. 


There was one more strange twist to the meeting, as all through the meeting there were couples or small groups coming up to the front of the building looking around the outside of the building and then disappearing.  Some were wondering what they would think if they were confronted by the Tyler.  It turned out that on the same day there was some sort of town wide treasure hunt conducted by a community group and one of the things they had to find was (a) the building and (b) the plaque which stated who opened the building and when.


Overall, there were 41 Freemasons in attendance, 10 more than last year.  24 from Alice Springs, 5 from Katherine, 10 from Darwin and 3 from South Australia.  It was estimated that roughly the total mileage travelled by individuals (some travelled together obviously) but still there was 24000 ks by the Alice Springs Brethren, 7000 ks by the Katherine Brethren, 20000 by the Darwin Brethren and 6100 by the South Australian Brethren a total of 57,100 kilometres to attend a Lodge Meeting, not a bad effort at all.  Other costs 4 tyres with blow outs, 2 kangaroos (both by the same car. about 50 ks apart).


A very enjoyable Festive Board was also attended by at least 10 wives or partners at the Blue Stone Motel, where most of the people stayed and then partied on.


Once again the MWGM, Bob Parsons, starting a tradition, (as MW Bro Ray Clark attended last year with Bob then Deputy GM also) attended accompanied by R.W.Bro John Carter Deputy Grand Master who came representing the Grand Mark Master, M.W.Bro Colin Preece Grand Master and the DGS’s from both Darwin and Alice as well as a large retinue of GL officers.


On the Sunday morning in keeping with past years a full breakfast as part of the deal was held.  This was then followed by an Ancient Mariners meeting for those involved also held on the Sunday morning.


Most attendees got home before 10pm on the Sunday evening.  Some with sore heads but overall despite the huge distances driven for a lodge meeting, the costs involved with accommodation, fuel tyres etc that once again the Masonic get together in the middle of nowhere was a resounding success.


 Is it on next year, you betcha!!!!!!!!!!!