The Most Worshipful Grand Master, Stephen Eugene-Paul Michalak, and a team of Grand Lodge Officers visited Lodge Thespian No. 195 on Monday 16th November 2015.  This visit was for the important occasion of presenting the Worshipful Master of Lodge Thespian No. 195, WBro. Dean Kevin Fisher PAGDC with a 50 year Service Jewel.


WBro. Fisher was initiated at Lodge of Light No. 11 on 11th October 1965.  He joined Lodge Thespian No. 195 on 19th February 1979.


Currently he is Worshipful Master for the tenth time. Previously twice with Lodge of Light No. 11 and now in his eighth time with Lodge Thespian No. 195.


During his period with Lodge Thespian No. 195, WBro. Fisher has been paramount in ensuring that Lodge Thespian

No. 195 continued as a successful Lodge. The Brethen of the Lodge are indebted to him for his enthusiasm and service. It is hoped that he can have a well-earned rest after this year.


All best wishes are sent to WBro. Fisher by his Lodge.  The Brethren of his Lodge wish to give him a rest after this year. 




(Bottom Photo)  - MWBro. S.E.P. Michalak GM,WBro. Dean Kevin Fisher PAGDC

W.Bro. Wilhelm Bouwmeester  IPM  Lodge Thespian No 268H U.G.L.Q