MWBro. Stephen Michalak GM was very pleased to be personally invited to attend the 150th Installation at Mount Gambier Lodge by his friend WBro Stephen McLeod (pictured below).


RWBro Cliff Olds JGW conducted the Ceremony of Installation, which was not only a confident and intimate ceremony, but a very meaningful one for the newly installed Worshipful Master (Bob Milligan).


At the Festive Board, the Grand Master was proud to meet three generations of the Hill family – Aubrey, his son David, and David’s son, Dylan, all of whom are members of Mount Gambier Lodge.  This being such a rare occurrence in any Lodge the Grand Master marked the occasion by posing for a photograph with the group.


Attending Lodges celebrating their 150th Installations is quite momentous. During the past 150 years, these lodges have contributed so much to the development of their individual communities, nurtured young men who became leaders in their careers and Worshipful Masters of their lodges and supported brethren to be better fathers and husbands. Walking through the doors of these particular lodges, one can could almost feel the presence of hundreds of brethren who had passed through their doors in the previous 150 years.  It is indeed a privilege for members of the Craft to be able to share in the richness of a history that is so integral to the development of our State.


The Most Worshipful Grand Master wishes all brethren of Mount Gambier Lodge the very best that life can bring to them and thanks them for making him feel as welcome as they did during his brief stay.


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