The Re-affirmation of Twinning Ceremony between the Lodge of St John No. 15 and Lewis Lodge of Brighton No. 187 was conducted at the Brighton Masonic Complex on Tuesday the 12th August 2014.


Lodge St John and Lewis Lodge of Brighton have for many years been companion Lodges with many visits and social gatherings between them.


In 2011 these Lodges were first officially Twinned and now, this year, this has been the first re-affirmation of Twinning Ceremony.   It has proved a most beneficial union, with the Lodges visiting each other often and recently vying for the possession of travelling gavel which has been returned to Lodge St John after only a short time at Lewis Lodge of Brighton.






Pictured (left to right) WM Lodge St John, Walter Hirschausen, WM Lewis Lodge of Brighton, Allan Henderson. Standing centre is DGS RW Bro. John Tailby and WBro I Goldsmith in the rear left background