On the 8th March 2013 representatives of Tea Tree Gully Lodge No. 218, WBro. Ivor Willmott and the Secretary Bro. Roger Wilkey presented a cheque for $2,000.00 to the parents of Joshua Rogers, to assist in the acquisition of a “Up-Suit” for Joshua.


Joshua was born with severe and chronic cerebral palsy which impacts upon his whole body. In addition also suffers from a particularly rare form of epilepsy, which is not treatable by the tradition drugs. Joshua also has severe scoliosis. He is unable to talk, walk, stand or sit and is totally dependent for his requirements including but not limited to eating, drinking and toileting.


The up-suit is designed to keep Joshua’s spine as straight as possible and has several distinct benefits which include taking pressure off vital organs and more importantly the need for a life threatening operation to straighten the spine which has 60% mortality rate To date this has not been required with the use of the up-suit.


It was thought that Josh would not survive till the age of 5 and then to the age of 10, he is now 13 and has started main stream high school this year in a special needs programme, communicates with a specially designed computer and sign language, learns music, history, and has participated in the school’s sports day.


He takes a keen interest in music, surfing (saved up for his own board) and has a desire to collect anything that has “Rip Curl” on it.


Josh also has a carer dog, a King Charles Cavalier which is his constant companion when at home and in bed as “Woof” (Josh named him) monitors Josh’s epilepsy when he is asleep.


Joshua’s parents, Darryl & Tracey Rogers, (pictured above with WBro. Ivor Willmott and Bro. Roger Wilkey) are determined to do whatever is necessary to give Josh every opportunity in life.