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30 Aug 2016 - 11:01am
  On Thursday 4th August 2016 Salisbury Lodge No. 126 held a Ceremony of Remembrance to honour the memory of the following Brethren:   Bro. Henry Morrison (known as Harry): Initiated in the Combermere Lodge, No. 752, English Constitution, in Victoria on the 21st October 1976.
15 Aug 2016 - 10:23am
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10 Aug 2016 - 11:30am
At a Presentation Parade following the competitions held between the Australian Army Cadet Units of the Adelaide Battalion at Warradale on Saturday 11th June 2016, WBro. Barrie Newman, a Past Master and Past Secretary of United Service  Lodge No. 37,  presented the Lodge’s Perpetual Trophy award “For Marksmanship” to Cadet Garret Skein of 44 Australian Cadet Unit, Hampstead South Australia.  
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9 Aug 2016 - 10:49am
Lake Bonney Masonic Lodge No. 106 took part in the Barmera Main Street Markets on Sunday 12th June 2016.  The involvement of this Lodge with these Markets commenced in 2008.   The Barmera Main Street Markets were started in 2002 by Gail Kohlman and Julie Krollig as a result of shop closures and lack of trade in Barmera at the time.   
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8 Aug 2016 - 11:06am
WBro. Neil Wight P.G.Std.Br., a Foundation Member of Lodge Seacliff No. 202 was presented with a third Bar for his 50 year Jewel at his home, by RWBro. David Iveson in the presence of VWBro. Jim Beveridge, JW of Lodge Seacliff.   Neil was initiated into Brighton Lodge No. 108 (now Brighton United Lodge No.10) on April 17th, 1951 by his father.